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You're Invited to Thanksgiving at Bottiglia

Thanksgiving Dinner at Henderson Italian Restaurant

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Time With Family and Friends This Thanksgiving at Bottiglia 

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of October, yet time flies like witches and Harry Potter on brooms. While you’re stocking up on (and trying not to eat all the) Halloween candy, it’s time to start making Thanksgiving plans. If Thanksgiving already seems too soon for you to get all of your turkeys in a row, then let Bottiglia do the cooking and cleaning this year so you can simply show up and do the eating and enjoying. If you think that sounds amazing, wait until you hear about the feast they have available from 4 pm-9 pm on Thanksgiving day! 


The Thanksgiving meal is one of the times when the amount of food eaten lines up with a normal Italian meal. Since this is an eating marathon and not a sprint, it’s important to warm up. To get your stomach primed and pumped up, your first choice is the Insalata Misticanza (that means mixed salad” in Italian) of baby kale, baby kale, spring mix, toasted pecans, dried cranberries, green apple, and mandarin orange. If that seems a little on the light side, then go for the second option: Zuppa di Porri e Patate, which literally translates to leeks and potato soup. 


What happens when Thanksgiving food and Italian food combine their awesomeness? Pumpkin Alfredo Tagliatelle, that’s what. Bottiglia’s true genius is in this dish of homemade fresh tagliatelle pasta, creamy pumpkin alfredo sauce, and parmesan chips. It’s the perfect blend of fall and feelings. If you’re a “stick to the classics” type, fear not–Bottiglia has the traditional Thanksgiving meal available. The Organic Tom Turkey Dinner is just as fresh and natural as how the pilgrims probably had it, thanks to their indigenous neighborly neighbors. With herb butter roasted white and dark turkey meat, sausage and apple stung, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, you’ll have to lie to your mother later about hers still being the best you’ve ever had. In the spirit of Thanksgiving inclusivity and gracious hosting, Bottiglia has a third entree option just to make extra sure everyone has the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Bistecca Fiorentina (you got the translation on this one, believe in yourself) is served with grilled asparagus and pommes duchesse. The worst thing to happen to you all night will be choosing between these three entrees like Charlie had to do with his grandparents and the golden ticket (who knows, maybe you’ll get just as lucky and one of the entrees will suddenly remember they can walk). 


Don’t think you’ll have room for dessert after all that food? You must not have grown up with an Italian grandmother then. Buckle down and unbutton that top button, because there are two to-die-for dessert options. The first is a delicious mini pumpkin cheesecake in an adorable little jar that will help you visualize that it’s not big–it’s a very doable dessert. There’s also the Torta di Zucca, which is a pumpkin and amaretti cookie cake that would be unbelievable if Bottiglia didn’t have a reputation for fantastic desserts. 

Reserve Your Seat at the Table This Thanksgiving at Bottiglia

This three-course, stuffed-to-the-gills Thanksgiving meal is only $65 per person. This is very similar to what the pilgrims paid, adjusting for inflation, which was 2 muskets and a corn cob pipe. Don’t miss this authentic Thanksgiving meal at Bottiglia this year–but definitely rejoice in missing the clean-up.