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When It Comes to Authentic Italian Food, Bottiglia Knows Best

Authentic Italian Food in Henderson

Learn Why Bottiglia Reigns Over Authentic Italian Cuisine Like a Queen  

Bottiglia’s motto “From Italy, With Love,” is just another reason why they are the best Italian Restaurant in Henderson. Other restaurants use the phrase “authentic Italian food,” which has the power to start many an argument. Anyone of Italian descent has probably seen their own mother fight with her sisters over the “correct” way to make one of Nonna’s recipes, so to broaden that scope to the entire country is terrifying. Italy is made up of 20 different regions that weren’t even unified as one country until 1861. Even though it’s a small country that is half the size of France, the way one village or town makes a dish can be completely different than the next one over–if they’ve even heard of it at all! That being said, there are some commonalities between the three regions that are worth noting. 

Northern Cuisine

There are eight different regions in Northern Italy, and all of them are famous for different culinary delicacies and dishes. There are some generalities of Northern Italian cuisine, however, such as making their pasta with egg in the batter and using rice and polenta in dishes rather than just bread or pasta. There is more variation when it comes to meat in the North, with beef, lamb, pork, and seafood all prevalent (obviously, this varies a little bit when on either coast) mainly because the Northern region has cooler temperatures more suited for raising cattle and pigs. Overall, the cuisine is known to be comforting and rich, and for including regional elements like Balsamic vinegar, Prosciutto, and Parmesan or Gorgonzola cheese. 

Central Cuisine

Central Italy may only comprise four regions, but coincidentally, this is where most tourists spend most of their time when visiting the country as Rome (in Lazio) and Tuscany are very popular destinations. Some insist that Central Italy is where the best Italian cuisine actually is because of the wines and produce of the region, but arguably, its proximity to the best features of both the North and the South should be considered. Tuscany is known for its simple dishes featuring meat as the main staple and is notably the birthplace of gelato. The region of Umbria is the capital of black truffles, the mushroom delicacy that has taken the international culinary world by storm of late. Rome is where you’ll find a lot of dishes made with Romano cheese (go figure) and deliciously fried street food. 

Southern Cuisine

There are eight regions in the South of Italy as well, with two of them being islands off the mainland. One thing that influences Southern Italian cuisine is the difference in economy compared to the North’s, resulting in using ingredients that are easier to obtain and a reliance on the sea. You can thank this region for pizza, which was a product of Southern Italian’s resourcefulness in making something big out of a little. The South of Italy also produces most of the country’s olive oil, so it’s more prevalent in cooking and consumption. You’ll find spicier dishes in the South because of the availability of the chile peppers that thrive in the warmer climate. You’ll be able to detect Southern Italian cuisine by the olive oil, amount of seafood and fish like sardines and anchovies, as well as Mozzarella and Burrata cheeses. 

Dine at Bottiglia for Authentic Italian Food in Henderson

The best thing to remember is that the only wrong way to make authentic Italian food is if your mother is watching you cook. It doesn’t matter if there’s pasta, a certain cheese, olive oil, or not–it only matters if there’s love and WINE. Bottiglia is flush with both as well as delicious offerings of Tuscan-inspired cuisine, so come and visit for a great meal and a good time!