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Seven Facts About Oysters That Everyone Should Know For National Oyster Day


Whether you love oysters, or have ever wanted to try this type of fresh shellfish, there are a few things that you should know before you ever decide to eat them. In fact, we have compiled a list of seven facts about oysters that everyone should know before they order these shellfish during their next outing.

  1. It’s called “liquor” not oyster juice. If you have been saying it wrong this whole time, it is alright, we forgive you. But now, you can really impress your friends by getting the terminology right. Oyster liquor is the natural juice that you find inside of raw oysters. This liquor is very important as it keeps the oyster alive when it’s out of the water. Don’t rinse or dump the liquor out though before you eat it—it is what keeps those oysters fresh.
  2. There is no such thing as a salty oyster. The term, in fact is briny. There are other terms you might hear as well when it comes to oyster descriptions. Creamy oysters are buttery and not as firm, while sweet ones are mild. When an oyster has a copper taste, it means it very acidic.Oysters
  3. You can eat oysters whenever you want. There is an old saying that you should only eat oysters in months that have an “R” in them. This isn’t true. In fact, the national holiday for oysters is in a month that doesn’t have an “R” in it at all. Pssst… that date is August 5th.
  4. An oyster can live up to 20 years. Those oysters you slurp down may be older than you think. After all, some of the best foods and drinks in the world are often aged to perfection.
  5. Oysters are good for you! Add another dozen oysters to your next order, because this type of fresh seafood is actually filled with vitamins and nutrients. Oysters are filled with good fats, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A and C, and zinc, calcium, magnesium and protein. Talk about a healthy meal!
  6. There is a National Oyster Day. Yes, Saturday, August 5th is the official National Oyster Day. It was developed by true oyster lovers who want to showcase their love for oysters and celebrate all things related to this shellfish. 
  7. Bottiglia has a National Oyster Day celebration. This is absolutely the most important thing to know about oysters. This is because Bottiglia, a Green Valley Ranch Restaurant, is throwing a special event on August 5th, offering dollar oysters all evening long. We will be having fresh, plump delicious oysters available all evening for just a dollar. Stop in and have a dozen, or two, along with a delicious handmade cocktail to enjoy National Oyster Day in style, right here at Bottiglia.