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Celebrate Friendsgiving At Bottiglia With Your Chosen Famiglia

Friendsgiving at Henderson Restaurant

Spread the Word: Wednesday, November 23rd Is Friendsgiving at Bottiglia 

Friendsgiving is a great excuse to gather with your friends–AKA the family you get to choose. While it’s a great idea, in theory, Friendsgiving can get a little complicated in practice, especially when you consider that only 3.1% of people in their 20s and 5.9% of those in their early 30s own homes. It can get a little snug hosting a Friendsgiving in your apartment when you have more than a few pals attending. So why not outsource to a place with plenty of space, an amazing aesthetic, and Friendsgiving specials–like Bottiglia

The Deets 

Before you go and sit through Thanksgiving dinner with family and relatives, come celebrate Friendsgiving at Bottiglia on Wednesday, November 23rd, from 4 PM-10 PM. They will have All You Can Drink house wine and draft beer for $25, which is amazing for millennials, gen z, and anyone with a wallet these days. It’s also another thing to be thankful for while you sip and tip back with your friends and laugh the night away. 

The Ambiance 

Ambiance is everything; it can set the tone for the evening and even dictate your mood. It can also really up your social media game. Bottiglia isn’t just a great place to eat and drink with friends, it’s a great place to be photographed with friends. Right when you walk in the door, you feel like you’re in a living Pinterest board with the rustic Tuscan villa that meets Paris chic decor. There are plenty of cozy spots as well as tables to gather with friends as you make and snap memories. The patio out back is bedecked with flowers and greenery and encircled with palm trees for a naturally gorgeous setting. Even the drinks and desserts are epic and edible works of art like the Blooming Season Cocktail Trees and the seasonal Tiramishoe. You’re bound to have a lovely Friendsgiving with fun that won’t stop with your babes and besties amongst all of Bottiglia’s beautiful backdrops!