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Bottiglia’s Pasta Profile Is About To Get Saucy

Pasta in Henderson

Bottiglia Brings Italian Heritage, History, and Heart To The Table 

Italians are passionate people, but we’re more comfortable showing our love rather than saying it. That’s why food is like the unofficial love language of Italy. True to tradition, Bottiglia believes in catering to each customer’s mind, body, and soul. This is why we like to serve up a little knowledge on the side of our delicious dishes. This week we turn the spotlight on the sauce: the culinary glue that holds Bottilgia's pasta (and sometimes a family) together.

New Shades on The Block 

Something that many Americans don’t realize is that tomatoes–part of the nightshade plant family–are actually native to North America. This means they didn’t find their way to Italy until after Christopher Columbus got lost (very, very lost) and stumbled upon the continent. So what the heck were people putting on their pasta prior? Italy has a plentitude of olive groves, so olive oil, butter, and spices along with cheeses like ricotta were typically used, depending on the region. Broth-based dishes were also common, particularly variations of the all-time comfort and healing wonder, chicken noodle soup. So Italians may have taken the tomato and ran with it, but they were already moving at a pretty impressive pace. 

What’d You Call It? 

Before anyone gets their noodles in a twist, let it be noted that there are many different names for sauce. Names are influenced by where you live. There may be even more about it depending on who you ask. For the most part, Italian-Americans are known to refer to sauce also as “gravy” or “sugo,” sometimes differentiating that the former denotes a meat sauce while the latter is tomato-based. Most Italian chefs maintain that the term for a meat sauce is actually “ragu,” which is certainly confusing when you grew up thinking that was just a brand name. Whatever you call it, don’t forget that the most important part is how it tastes. 

Endless Pastabilities with Bottiglia's Pasta 

Now that you’re a little bit richer in knowledge, come fill up your cup and your belly with Bottiglia's pasta, wine, and more!