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Bottiglia’s New Menu Items Still As Hot As Ever As Summer Starts To Fade

New Italian Menu

Bottiglia’s Fun and Flavorful New Menu Items On Par To Be Potential Course Favorites  

During the summer months, many Nevada natives try to beat the heat or use the school break by traveling or camping out by the pool. Now that school is back in session and the double-digit temps are (slowly) starting to creep downwards, it’s no surprise that residents are ready to get back into their routine and their favorite local restaurants like Bottiglia. And if you were away, then there’s a pleasant surprise awaiting you–Bottiglia's new menu items! 

Tuscan Kale Salad

If there’s one green that never fails to bring the flavor and nutrients, it’s kale. In true Bottiglia fashion, this superfood starter is decked out to make it even tastier. The Tuscan Kale Salad starts with an ample serving of baby kale bedecked with shaved fennel and apple, then sprinkled with marcona almonds. After being tossed in a honey basil vinaigrette, it is then lightly blanketed with delicate curls of parmesan cheese. A Fresca Frizz or an Aperol Spritz is both light, zesty options that accentuate this first course's freshness. 

Truffle Beef Carpaccio

Italians are known for eating a light breakfast, taking afternoon naps, and taking walks after dinner. This is because lunch and dinner are more like events than a quick bite, with the latter being how most of the evening is spent with family. Antipasti generally follow an insalate, unlike in other cultures where it’s one or the other. In sports, insalate would be the stretching and Antipasti would be the warm-up before the game. That’s why the Truffle Beef Carpaccio features thinly sliced pepper seared eye-round–drizzled with oven-roasted tomato aioli– for the accompanying parmesan crostinis. Fried capers and pickled shallots add the necessary kick to get your stomach revving for the next course, and you’ll be in great shape to start the main part of the meal.  

Wood Grilled Salmon 

Italy is a country that is almost completely surrounded by oceans and seas, so they know how to finesse their fish when putting it in a dish. Bottiglia is impeccable when it comes to blending Old World with New, and their Wood Grilled Salmon is no exception. A sizable salmon filet–grilled to perfection– is served nestled atop a bed of quinoa, chickpeas, castelvetrano olives, and piquillo peppers and surrounded by a moat of cauliflower leek purée rimmed with salsa verde. Lightly topped with loose arugula and partnered with a seared half-lemon, this entree is a playful palate pleaser with a wide array of different tastes that complement one another. It’s so filling you might think you don’t have room for dessert–but that wouldn’t be very authentic to skip the final scene of an applause-worthy Italian production. 

Make Your Favorite Thing For Dinner... a Reservation to Try Bottiglia's New Menu Items 

Don’t fall behind the times–come wine and dine at Bottiglia and try these new fabulous menu items today!