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Bottiglia Is the Best Italian Restaurant With the Greatest American Spirit

Best Italian Food

Senior Sundays Just Another Way Bottiglia Serves Gratitude and Appreciation

The second week of September is always a bit somber as we collectively remember and mourn a national tragedy that shaped our nation. However, it is also a week where everyone seems to talk a little sweeter to one another, have more grace and understanding, and recognize our common bond as Americans. We work together to honor and respect each other and those generations who sacrificed and fought not only that day but for decades before. Bottiglia is one of those great establishments that keeps that spirit of “never forget” alive always, with their kind and compassionate service and staff and their special Senior Sundays every week. 

Senior Sunday Special  

Every Sunday from 4 pm-7 pm, Bottiglia offers seniors a special where you can buy one entree and get the other one completely free! That means that you can both get the Filet Mignon with wood-grilled asparagus and a red wine demi sauce for the price of one, which just has to make this perfect cut taste even better. Of course, you can mix and match–if someone wants surf and the other wants turf, or if you both have a hankering for one of Bottiglia’s twelve delectable dishes of pasta, then you can both order whatever entree your heart desires. Whether or not you want to share a bite is completely up to you. 

We Hear You 

Bottiglia has a custom, chic ambiance that fits many different types of events and caters to all of our cherished clientele. They also know that at a certain point, loud noise and music are just not as tolerable as they used to be and that some people just enjoy a nice conversation at a decent decibel. That’s why they’ve allowed a full hour between weekend brunch and their Senior Sunday Special. There will be plenty of time for our beloved brunchers to finish their drinks and meals, close tabs, and head home for naps or weekday prep prior to you coming in to enjoy a nice, lovely meal. You’ll be able to enjoy your buy one get one free entree while you share stories and sweet memories. Bottiglia is grateful for all of its amazing customers of all ages and walks of life and is especially proud to bring the best Italian cuisine to the greatest nation. They take special pride in offering our seniors a break as a way to thank them for breaking their backs to make this magical melting pot one of the greatest nations.