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Bottiglia Is Loud, Proud, and Ready to Show Out This Treat Yo' Self Day

Treat Yo' Self Day

Bottiglia Is Bringing the Boujee For Treat Yo' Self Day 2022

This Thursday, October 13th is Treat Yo' Self Day! For those who don’t know the origin, Treat Yo' Self is a concept derived from the show Parks and Recreation. Two characters Tom and Donna encourage one another every year on October 13th to indulge and say yes to any passing whimsy or desire. What started in 2011 as a fictional funny duo with a sassy trope became a pop culture phenom and an iconic example of solid friendship still widely celebrated today. So in honor of self-love, self-care, and supportive relationships, Bottiglia invites you to come Treat Yo' Self and others in style this Thursday! 

No Buts, Only Butts

Sometimes treating yourself means you need to go full Elsa and Let. It. Go. Indulging gets a bad rap, but it’s actually super important for your mental health and well-being to do so once in a while. To indulge actually means yielding and giving in, which doesn’t necessarily mean some sort of treat or monetary expense but also choosing positivity and kindness. That sort of attitude toward the self leads to less stress and more acceptance, that in turn flows onward and outward to the rest of the world. So don’t worry about calories or carbs or what others think, even for a day, and let the light shine in and around and around, like a disco ball. 

All Of The Love

Studies show that acting compassionately toward yourself and others helps you feel better, so show some love to yourself and members of the LGBTQ+ community by ordering one a #Pride cocktail. These three tasty tipples are available all October for Las Vegas Pride month and are a delicious way to support yourself or be an Absolut ally. Choose either the Casino Royal, made with Absolutelyx, Lillet blanc, cherry liqueur, ruby grapefruit juice, and champagne; the Pornstar Martini composed of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, and passion fruit purée; or the Elyx Butterfly comprised of Absolutelyx, Lillet blanc, jasmine tea, lemon juice, and orange blossom honey. 

Get It, It's Treat Yo' Self Day Baby 

Thursday is not a day for salads. It’s a “whatever, I’m getting cheese fries day” even if sweatpants are the only thing that fits you right now.  If you don’t want to burn out, then you need to let yourself have a little prize for all that hard work and sacrifice. The Chicken Pesto pasta with gemeli, basil pesto, and parmesan cream is one of the many rich rewards Bottiglia has to offer for Treat Yo' Self Day. Check out the dessert menu featuring NY Style Cheesecake (the ultimate say f*ck it after-dinner option) or the Liquid Dessert menu if you prefer to drink your dalliance instead.