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Bottiglia Cucina Is the Pinot Noir Star of Henderson, Nevada

Best Pinot Noir

Bottiglia Is On Par When It Comes to Pinot Noir  

Who hasn’t gazed longingly out their window, seen a shooting star, and said, “I wish I may, I wish I might have the perfect glass of Pinot Noir tonight”? Luckily, your dreams can come true at Bottiglia Cucina where they offer over seventeen different pinot noirs as a part of their robust and cultured wine menu. Since National Pinot Noir Day is August 18th, it’s a perfect time to drink from the dregs of knowledge about one of the world’s favorite wines and how Bottiglia always knows how to pour you the perfect Pinot Noir. 

Near, Far, Pinot Noir

Originally, Pinot Noir hails from the Burgundy region of France. Like most things old, it was curated and perfected over time by monks, and like most things from France, Pinot Noir is extremely popular and sometimes fussy. It’s become an international grape, and due to its trademark acidity and delicacy, it fares better in cooler climates. Lucky for us Americans, that means California and Oregon, and less of a sticker shock when it's time to stock up on our favorite red. Bottiglia offers extensive options of Pinot Noir from California and Oregon as vineyards in those states have buffed this old black wine grape and made it shine. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Drinks at Bottiglia  

Pinot Noir is like the little black dress of the wine world. It goes with almost anything, and it’s incredibly versatile and easy to style. And just like picking which LBD is perfect to drape over your shape, you need to know particularly how you like this grape before you make a choice on a bottle. Most Pinot Noirs are dry, light, or medium-bodied, and can lean toward the acidic. There’s almost always a hint of some type of berry–dark cherry, raspberry, blackberry–and other tones depending on where it’s from and how it’s aged. A good starting point is looking at where it’s from: cooler climate will mean a lighter-bodied bottle whereas warmer climates tend toward fuller-bodied with a riper finish. If you don’t know what type of Pinot Noir fits you yet, keep trying them on until you find “the one,” and rest assured that trying on wines is a tasteful experience and much more fun than dress shopping. 

Pinot Is The Vino That Noir Does You Wrong  

Certain Sommeliers may gasp and grasp their pearls when reading this, but you can actually pair red wine with a white sauce. In fact, almost everything on Bottiglia’s menu is pairable with a Pinot Noir for an incomparable dining experience, so start with the wine and then decide on what to dine. If you’re vibing a fruity, juicy Pinot then try the La Crema from Sonoma, one of Food and Wine’s top picks, and pair it with the Truffle Beef Carpaccio to start and the Wood Grilled Salmon to really highlight those earthy, robust flavors. But if a lighter sauce dish like the Chicken Picatta or the Lobster Fra’Diavolo has caught your eye, don’t fret–the Sea Smoke Ten from Santa Rita Hills is a good bet. Some have even referred to it as the latest “Prince of Pinots,” so, given that Bottiglia is the best of Henderson, put those two together, and you’re bound to feel like you’re getting the royal treatment.