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Bottiglia Cucina Has the Best Pasta in Henderson, Nevada

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Bottiglia’s Pasta Pairings Show They Know How to Use Their Noodles 

In Italy, there are 165 different kinds of pasta that differ in color and form, and there’s even a National Pasta Museum in Rome. For someone who hasn’t grown up within Italian culture, it may be hard to tell some of these variations apart as sometimes the only difference is a slight difference in size or shape. But pasta parameters exist for a reason: to compliment the taste of the sauce and the other ingredients in the dish. Bottiglia follows true Italian protocol when it comes to their pasta offerings, never neglecting the noodle. Read on and learn just why they serve the best pasta in Henderson, NV!


If you want to stand out as an American, commit the mortal sin of referring to any pasta dish with a red sauce as “spaghetti.” This mainstream mix-up is likely because spaghetti is the most popular type of noodle due to the popularity of mixing it with tomato sauce and meatballs. Spaghetti actually loosely translates to “a length of cord” and it ties in with most sauce types, whether they be chunky or smooth. Bottiglia uses san marzano tomato sauce and tender beef & pork meatballs topped with shaved parmesan atop their spaghetti for a savory and sensational take on a classic. 


Gemelli is quite the contradiction of pasta: the name means “twins” and it appears that it is two intertwined pieces of noodle. However, it is actually just one piece of pasta that is folded in half and then spiraled around itself. Gemelli is smaller in size but it’s a tough customer that’s able to hold up any sauce type. Bottiglia pairs their gemelli with a basil pesto and parmesan cream, a great blend of sharp and smooth inflections. If you’re looking for an easier pasta to finagle with your fork, gemelli is a game-changer. 


Ravioli is another popular pasta, probably because it’s a little stuffed pillow of deliciousness that’s as cute as it is filling. Some sources say that the word ravioli is derived from an old Italian word that means “to wrap,” but given that this pasta first poked its head out into the culinary scene around the 14 century in Tuscany, that’s slightly difficult to verify. What’s just as difficult is deciding whether ravioli is best stuffed with cheese, meat, vegetables, or all of the above. Bottiglia took this paradox and extended it by offering their ravioli stuffed with LOBSTER and then had the audacity to add basil lemon ricotta, herb-roasted tomatoes, and lobster creme. How does one ever eat anything else ever again? At least there’s one guarantee about this pasta: if you order it, you’ll be as stuffed after eating it as it was at preparation–there’s simply no way to stop once you start! 

Come Enjoy the Best Pasta in Henderson, Nevada

If you’re heading to Bottiglia Cucina, prepare yourself for a pasta profile unlike any other in Henderson, Nevada–pasta possibilities beyond perfection.